Works 2023

Dj Tiesto Live in Yerevan. 09.09.2023

?? Georgian sound and stage construction company Sound City #soundcitygeorgia, together with ?? Armenian friends from Mezzo Production and Fast Fest Armenia , completed a huge project with world-famous DJ Tiesto Tiësto

5 projects.Batumi 25/26 August.
Valery Meladze, Agatha Christie, Stephane, Yumi,Stella Bossi

5 projects were simultaneously launched and successfully carried out. Sound City Team works with projects of any complexity.

Moshe Peretz live at Shangrila Batumi 2023

L-Acoustics  #sound #construction by SoundCity #soundcitygeorgia


Black Sea Jazz Festival 2023 After party. 2023 July 28-30.

In the period from July 28-30, Sound City Team worked simultaneously on 3 stages:??

China Moses at Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center 5/23/2023

Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2023 Highlights. 2023/05/09-11

Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2023 Highlights. Stage&Sound by #soundcitygeorgia #stage #soundsystem L-Acoustics Tbilisi Jazz Festival Sheraton Metekhi Palace Stanley Clarke Antonio Faraò Motel Kaijū ? #rickmkhitarian

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3 big projects at the same time 2023/05/09-11

For 3 days (May 9-11) the Sound City team worked on 3 big projects at the same time. Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2023, Concert "For Europe" , Concert in Tbilisi Concert Hall. without the professionalism of crew members and equipment of Sound City, this would not be possible.

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Mono Hall. Seth Schwarz , Beard2Beard, Parallelle. 2023/05/06

Stage&Sound by Sound City
Eleven X Levantine House Seth Schwarz • Beard2Beard Parallelle L-Acoustics
#stage #sound #soundcitygeorgia MONO HALL


Bob Sinclar live. 29/04/2023

The stage and sound were installed in the shortest possible time. #soundcitygeorgia #lacoustics #stage #sound #monohall #bobsinclar #livemusic #electronicmusic Bob Sinclar MONO HALL


Stage&Sound by #soundcitygeorgia  MONO HALL

Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine) in Tbilisi. Now and then. 1980-2023.

There are no boundaries and time for music. Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine) in Tbilisi. Now and then. 1980-2023.
Stage&Sound by Sound City.

"Harry Potter and sorcerer's stone" project. 2023

 With help of #soundcitygeorgia sound engineers and equipment...
სოლო • SOLO Mastercard Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra / საქართველოს ეროვნული სიმფონიური ორკესტრი Eastern Promotions / ისთერნ პრომოუშენსი #sound #stage #soundcrew

Corporate party on Coca-Cola factory 2023

Sound&Stage #construction by #soundcitygeorgia for corporate party on Coca-Cola factory. #lacoustics Factory Tbilisi

MANOLO Voice Of The Gipsies. 2023

 2023 Live Concert. #soundcitygeorgia #stage #soundconstruction #lacoustics არქი - Archi #clairbrothers #Manolo #gypsykings Eastern Promotions / ისთერნ პრომოუშენსი